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3. What Do Branding, Barry’s & Sophia Amoruso Have In Common?

In this episode I talk about branding and why branding with soul is the most important part of your business, especially if you’re a personal brand, coach, creative or creator.

For years, I was my brand, I could meet people on the street and they’d want to work with me. The universe plonked me in places and spaces where people needed me. I didn’t really know how to translate that into an ‘online brand’, I share about this more in the episode.

I use examples of Sophia Amoruso, Barry’s, Soul Cycle, Lululemon and many more to illustrate my point.

Brands are what we associate with. We judge people, businesses and purchase decisions based on our values and whether that brand aligns with them.

In short, this is a podcast about branding, values, and how elitist we all are in some shape or form.


(0:00:48) Successful Brands and Our Sense of Belonging

(0:05:19) Analysis of Successful Branding Strategies

(0:07:51) Exploring Creative Branding Strategies for Entrepreneurs

(0:11:57) The Power of Branding, Self-Discovery and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

(0:14:04) Building a Personal Brand: Reflections on Taking Action and Connecting with Others

(0:18:34) The Swan Archetype: How to Create a Brand Around Your Unique Identity

(0:22:15) Exploring the Brand Identity of the “Swan” Community: A Discussion on Freedom, Authentic Connection, and Leaving the World Better Than We Found It.

(0:24:21) The Values of Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle Communities

(0:27:11) The “Infinity Loop of Self Destruction” and How to Break Free

(0:29:06) The Impact of Lack of Support on Overwhelm and Anxiety

(0:30:35) Creating a Community of Women Who Want to Change the World

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