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1. Welcome To The Messy Action Podcast. Are You A Swan?

Welcome to the Messy Action Podcast. This episode is an introduction, the tell all. You’ll further understand why I created it, who it’s for and how we’re gonna take the world by storm with the ‘swan’ movement.

Messy Action requires courage, paired with blind faith, paired with the acceptance of being imperfect and a lil bit messy.

We serve the creatives, the female artists with an entrepreneurial spirit that require time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom to be free.

Authentic connection is a huge motivator for swans, they can’t stand small talk, rules for the sake of rules and anything that feels like pressure and restriction.

Welcome to the community. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


(0:00:00) Taking Imperfect Steps Toward Improving Health, Wealth and Relationships

(0:02:37) The Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol: A Conversation on Revolut Culture and Sobriety

(0:04:17) The Difference Between Ducks and Swans

(0:08:42) Learning to Encourage and Uplift Clients without Codependency

(0:11:09) The Power of Messy Action: Cultivating Healthy Habits for Clarity and Love

(0:16:13) Taking Messy Action Towards Greater Fulfilment

(0:18:46) The Power of Self-Love

(0:23:13) Exploring Optimal Presence

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