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R&R retreats embody rest, relaxation and recalibration. In order to create, serve and succeed we must first learn to rest, restore and realign our vision, mission and motivation.

R&R Retreats

R&R Retreats are designed for busy entrepreneurs looking for rest, recalibration and restoration.

Maybe you’re on the brink of burnout, maybe you just need to take some time out, maybe you’ve just exited and aren’t sure what’s next for you.

Our ethos is slow living. We pride ourselves on slowing down, taking it all in and accepting what is.

Entrepreneurship demands a lot of us and it can often take more than it gives. Our retreats are designed to help you understand your deepest desires and also what has been holding you back from true joy, freedom and self-actualisation.

Each retreat consists of farm-to-table, local-organic cuisine, yoga, meditation, nature & self-inquiry workshops. 

When you think R&R, think peace, authentic soulful connection and inner reflection.

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