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6. Privilege Starting Lines, Saying Yes & No & Living Your Dream Life

In this episode I cover where we begin in life doesn’t have to determine how we are now IF we take messy action that’s aligned. I split our ‘start line’ in the race of life into three categories: relationships, financial & health. No human comes out of the womb having won the race in all three and if you know of anyone, please send them my way!

Our dream life requires a lot of no’s, a lot of shaky yes’s and a lot of boundary setting whilst doing what it takes to be aligned, for you, from you.

What was your start line? Were you behind the start line to begin with but you’ve turned it around? I discuss this and more, enjoy.


(0:00:00) Life Opportunities based on Socioeconomic Status

(0:03:22) The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Health, Relationships, and Financial Security

(0:05:26) The Effects of An “Uneducated Diet” and your Health

(0:08:03) The Power of Positive Thinking: How to Receive More Goodness in Life

(0:10:47) Doing Your Best: A Reflection on The Four Agreements

(0:13:25) Alignment Through Messy Action: Taking Action Toward What We Want Even When We’re Afraid

(0:18:20) How to Listen to Your Yesses and Nos

(0:20:12) Taking Messy Action Toward Clarity and Living Your Best Life

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