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10. Over-Giving, LTV, Money & Best Practices For Your Coaching Business

In this episode I speak about the employee mindset vs entrepreneur mindset, boundaries, values and the ‘over giver’. I speak into how making money, attracting money and being a match for money is an energetics game more than it’s an output game.

Employee mindset = output

Entrepreneur mindset = somatics/energy/magnetism

If you’re a coach, online biz owner, creator or creative, you’ll enjoy this episode.

Time stamps:

0:00:18 The martyr and overgiver mindset in coaching

0:01:39 Employee mindset vs entrepreneur mindset

0:03:01 The negative consequences of overextending and overgiving

0:05:01 Reciprocity and value exchange in business

0:07:29 The need for boundaries and alignment in serving ideal clients

0:09:01 Embodiment and solving problems for clients

0:11:27 The concept of lifetime value of a customer (LTV)

0:13:47 The negative impact of compromising values and diluting offers

0:17:36 The role of ego and the importance of taking messy action

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