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My Dream Kinda Day – Lifestyle Design

I lived out my dream kinda day today and it’s not even over yet.

I wanna share with you what that entails because it’s a very specific life by ‘design’ and it hasn’t always been this way.

For the longest time I’d always grappled with that nagging ‘not enoughness’ 

“I should be moving faster”

“I should be making more money”

“I should be further ahead”

“I should be leaner”

👀 lot’s of ‘shoulds’ 😵‍💫

which lead to a lot of inaction, self sabotage and overwhelm. 

What’s shifted for me is really sitting in 

How I want to feel


What I should do

I’ve flipped productivity on its head. 

🌞 I woke up this morning and meditated for 25 minutes 

🌞 I went to a 50 minute reformer pilates class

🌞 I got a chai latte at my favourite yogic cafe on Waiheke in my keepcup

🌞 I walked the length of Onetangi Beach

🌞 I swam in the ocean, lay on my back, dived under waves and chatted to people

🌞 I lay in the sun

🌞 I worked for a few hours on my laptop, in my bikini on my treehouse balcony

🌞 I made a nourishing lunch (grass fed steak & the best chickpea and eggplant soup)

🌞 I ate dark choc

🌞 I drank sparkling water

🌞 I leaned over the balcony and watched birds, butterflies and trees dance 

I feel peaceful and present today.

Through a lot of ‘beta testing’ – I realised a lot of what I did today lead me to this place of feeling.

I feel better when I accept myself and let go of the shoulds.

When I accept myself I am right here, right now and I am not ‘doing anything wrong’

I always need this reminder, maybe you do, too? 

If you follow me on socials, you probably know I’ve been posting a bit about Gabor Maté and his new book recently.

I wrote a journal entry (there’s also a few prompts there for you to ponder on)

One excerpt that really stood out is this…

1. What condition does the nature of the plant demand for healthy development?

You can read the full journal entry and my take on it here

This is your reminder to go and do something that makes you FEEL peaceful, grounded, centred and wholesome.

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