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5. Increasing Revenue by 350% in One Day & Firing Clients in the Name of Alignment

Sometimes, we’ve gotta take a chance on ourselves. Sometimes we don’t know how something is gonna work but we know we have to do it regardless. If you’re a coach/consultant and your primary income is from client work/coaching clients, this episode is a goody.

I’ll share how I increased my revenue 350%+ in one day, why firing clients is always necessary for expansion and what to do when you’re left with a decision that is seemingly financial but it’s really coming from your soul.


(0:00:00) The Challenges of Being a Female Entrepreneur in New Zealand (tall poppy)

(0:01:51) Journey of Career Change: Reflections on Moving to Melbourne and Following the Omens

(0:03:41) Reflection on Cross Pollination and the Benefits of Joining a Co-Working Space

(0:05:48) The Benefits of Working at The Commons

(0:08:01) The Power of Choosing Courage Over Comfort

(0:12:45) Letting Go of a Client Who Was Not Aligned

(0:14:42) Refunding a Client: From A Coaches Perspective

(0:16:31) Setting Boundaries with Clients and Letting Go of Those Who Don’t Align with Your Values

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