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4. How I Made $307k ‘Tax Free’ Profit In 6 Years

In this episode, I share exactly how I made $307k profit in a little over 6 years, tax free. I unknowingly applied the principals from the book The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn which you can watch on YouTube or purchase the book here:

This episode highlights how when you’re young, naive and have little to lose, you’ve in turn got everything to gain. All I knew was to have blind faith, trust the process and see what happens. I wasn’t spiritual in March 2015 when I made this decision but I have always had a blind faith that things will always work out in my favour because from experience, they always do, even when I don’t get what I thought I wanted 😉


(0:01:59) Messy Action & Purchasing a Home in March of 2015

(0:03:42) How I Bought a House with the Odds Stacked Against Me

(0:06:18) Outwitting the Devil When It Feels Like It Won’t Work

(0:09:23) Manifesting Desires with Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil

(0:12:10) How I Used Intention and Resourcefulness to Create an Asset for My Future Self

(0:15:39) The Power of Self-Fulfilling Success

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