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2. Honesty, Suicidal Thoughts & Feeling Creatively Blocked

In this episode I speak about my up and down journey when it comes to honesty, with both myself and others, when suicidal thoughts would hit for me (specifically not wanting to wake up and get on with my day), being ‘voluntarily’ creatively blocked and how that can affect our mission, business and overall sense of wellbeing.

Messy action is always the intention but what happens when the perceived blockers just feel way too big? Too insurmountable?

Our greatest gift is honesty, first with ourselves, and secondly, with others.


(0:00:00) Creativity, Honesty and Authenticity in the Face of Trauma

(0:02:15) Overcoming Creative Blocks and Exposing Abuse

(0:05:04) The Impact of EMDR Therapy on Trauma Processing

(0:07:34) A Journey of Self-Discovery and Messy Action

(0:15:45) The Desire for Family and Creative Expression

(0:17:58) Raw Truths: Exploring Creative Expression and Authenticity

Osho wrote a brilliant book if you want to be more self expressed. It’s called intimacy. You can find it here:

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