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7. Feeling Stuck In Perfectionist Inaction And Asking “Whose Life Am I Currently Living?”

In this episode I speak of ‘building your version of Rome’ – essentially whose life are you living? Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the question is what are you actually building?

Are you building the wrong version of Rome?

“We live within parameters we’ve created for ourselves for lives we don’t actually want.”

What do you actually want?

Do you know how to sharpen your self trust and intuition?

Are you stuck in perfectionist inaction?

Do you know what’s been blocking you?

You see, only you know when it’s time to move on. Is it time?

I address these statements and more in this episode.

Books mentioned:

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents Lindsay C. Gibson

The Pivot Year – Brianna Wiest

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0:01:20 Your Dream Life Won’t Be Built In A Day

0:02:12 Fine-Tuning Your Intuition Through Healthy Habits

0:03:11 Being The Version of Yourself That Is Required

0:04:00 Overcoming Perfectionist Inaction

0:04:57 The Importance of Community And Support

0:05:32 Going Toward What You Want Vs. Away From What You Don’t Want

0:07:00 The Importance of Finding Internal Validation

0:09:32 Rejecting The Baby Boomer Way of Life And Building Your Version of ‘Rome’

0:10:56 The Spiral of Overwhelm, Indecision, and Doubt

0:14:42 Family Dynamics And Breaking Down Walls

0:16:15 Building Your Dream Life Through Journaling, Meditation, And Forgiveness

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