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12. Devotion, Commitment & the “I Don’t Know’s” That Ruin Lives

In this episode I get deep on the “I don’t know” statement. As a 21st century species we have an issue with commitment. We experience the paradox of choice.

The key to manifesting is “I don’t know if it’s available to me but I’m gonna go for it and do it anyway”

Napoleon Hill talks about folks that are committed and those that are drifters. Don’t be a drifter.


🙅🏻‍♀️ Delay the inevitable

🙅🏻‍♀️ Say “maybe”

🙅🏻‍♀️ Say “I don’t know”

🙅🏻‍♀️ Say “I’m not sure”

You are sure, if a knife was held to your throat, I’d say you’d know 😂

What do you desire that you don’t let yourself commit to?

Venus Williams says, “if you’re not committed, you get anxiety. We get anxiety from not doing our best. Only you know if you’re not doing your best.”

You know what your best feels like. Your best can only occur if you commit, not drift.

Enjoy this episode!


(0:02:04) The key to manifesting and getting what you want

(0:03:41) The fear of commitment and settling

(0:05:46) The importance of knowing what you deeply desire

(0:08:03) The alchemist’s message of following omens and synchronicities

(0:10:33) The permission to change your mind and not settle

(0:12:05) The 3 most important aspects of life: where you live, who you surround yourself with, and your work

(0:13:43) Making a decision and committing to move towards a desired situation

(0:14:20) Having a focus is key to living a successful and nourishing life

(0:14:51) Write down your desired outcome and follow the signs to achieve it

(0:15:24) Stay committed and keep moving forward to ensure success

(0:16:02) Feel a deep sense of satisfaction when you do your best

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