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8. Dealing With Toxic People, Leaving Relationships & The Drama Triangle

In this episode I address toxic people, toxic traits, people pleasing and our rescuer tendencies that go unnoticed. We don’t know what we don’t know.

The Karpman Drama Triangle is a great tool to analyse our relationships and it’s even greater when utilised (aka stepping outside of the triangle all together).

We’ve all got toxic family members, friends that are past their use by date and people that are not meant to be in our future, it’s whether we keep putting up with it, letting it interrupt our peace or whether we trust in the God’s that be that if we choose ourselves, it’ll work out in our favour.

Things don’t work when we’re holding onto people that aren’t a values fit for the version of ourselves we’re becoming. I dive into this and more, enjoy!


0:01:38 Drama and family dynamics

0:03:20 Relationships as a ‘struggle’

0:04:34 The impact of emotional starvation on relationships

0:05:52 The effects of being parentified in childhood

0:07:11 Strategies for letting go of toxic relationships

0:09:45 Understanding avoidant attachment styles

0:11:47 Choosing peace and trust in relationships

0:14:08 Overcoming the belief of not being chosen

0:17:08 The importance of choosing oneself and finding peace

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