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17. Coaches: Navigating Impossible Clients, ‘The Rescuer’ & Living From Your Zone Of Genius

In this episode I talk about how I have navigated difficult clients in the past, what process I personally go through and what I tend to remind my clients of in times of uncertainty (do I see this through or fire this client). As a life coach, we tend to lean toward the people pleaser when it comes to securing clients (especially in the build phase of our businesses) and this can often lead to saying a big yes to the wrong kinds of clients.

It’s ok though, every client is showing you what you do and don’t want – moving you closer to your ideal avatar.

What do we do when we know we’ve taken someone as far as they’ll go?

How do we refund someone?

What is your zone of genius?

What kind of clients completely drain your energy and you’re cringing getting on calls with them?

This episode is a permission slip to have those difficult conversations with clients that have been led to the water but continually refuse to drink.

Remember, you are a self responsible human and it’s your job not to fall into those rescuer tendencies!



(0:01:00) Purposefully Clear: Improving health, wealth, and relationships

(0:02:06) Understanding your zone of genius and its importance in a successful coaching business

(0:04:01) Operating from a place of authenticity and alignment with one’s zone of genius

(0:05:49) Letting go of the need to rescue clients

(0:08:14) Dealing with challenging clients and setting boundaries

(0:10:57) Coaching vs therapy and the importance of taking action

(0:12:44) The benefits of meditation and self-reflection

(0:14:58) Permission to let go of difficult clients

(0:15:34) Fine-tuning your ideal avatar through surrender and trust

(0:16:49) Recognizing clients who are committed to their own bullshit

(0:17:23) Permission to have difficult conversations with clients

(0:18:32) Being a catalyst for change in clients’ ego

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