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11. Client Series: Leaving Safety Nets, $9,500 Weeks, Firing Clients & Living True To Your Values with Jessey McGuire

Jessey McGuire is a life coach, podcaster and former school teacher that worked with me 1:1 for 16 weeks and is now in my annual entrepreneur membership: The Messy Action Members Club.

Whilst Jessey and I worked together he:

Went full time in his online coaching business and quit his teaching job.

Moved cities as he was living on his parents property in a cushy apartment and it wasn’t serving the man he was becoming.

Traveled for 20 days solo around Europe, working from cafes and marveling down ancient streets.

Fired clients that weren’t aligned with his values, his coaching style and the results he likes to get.

Upgraded the standards in his life and identified areas he was hiding from himself.

Made $9,500 in a week after setting a $10,000 intention.

Secured aligned clients paying higher prices with more integrity and skin in the game aka greater transformations.

Has settled into a business of service over self sacrifice and grinding.

We talk about God, self love, boundaries, standards, how it doesn’t need to be hard, resistance vs messy action, how we all require support and so much more.

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