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16. Ayahuasca, Super Yachts & The Creative Path To Love with Lucie Dawson

Lucie Dawson wears many hats, formerly a private chef to the ultra wealthy she is now the tech founder of Templa. Templa is an interactive vision board app, helping people dial in on their dream life, one entry and visualisation at a time. In this episode we talk about her experience cheffing on luxury yachts, creativity, plant medicine, her journey into the amazon, taking messy action and what makes us human.

You can download the app on iOS. Android is coming soon.

It’s a true commitment to choose your dream life everyday, especially when there are tests, trials, tribulations and road blocks that make it seem all too hard.

Lucie and I met in LA, when we were both living in Venice Beach in 2022, we speak of meeting kindred spirits and how it really does lighten the load on the creative path to love.

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You can find Lucie on Instagram @luciedawson_ and



(00:03:11) Lucie’s Journey from Chef to Creative Entrepreneur

(00:08:00) Building Resilience through Self-reflection and Personal Growth

(00:11:23) Bridging the Gap Between Journaling and AI

(00:13:15) Lucie’s Healing and Transformation

(00:17:44) Exploring Ayahuasca and Personal Growth

(00:28:21) How Templa helps with self check ins and authenticity

(00:33:38) The importance of trust and alignment on the hero’s journey

(00:34:51) The Importance of Messy Action for Self-Actualization

(00:36:27) The Responsibility of Connectivity

(00:46:46) Fostering Deeper Connection

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