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9. Avoidance, Money & Being Scared Of What’s Next

In this episode I mention the ‘famous’ Marie Forleo quote: “everything is figure-outable” – meaning, if we lean in instead of lean out, the odds of us coming out on top, alleviating a lot of anxiety & being successful is pretty high.

You’re gonna be scared as an entrepreneur. You’re gonna be scared as a new business owner. You’re gonna be afraid of looking stupid on camera, of hate on the internet, of people not listening to you, of people judging you, of your work being kind of shit. Well guess what? We’re all scared, of COURSE you’re gonna be scared. That’s the epic part of business & life, you get to be scared whilst simultaneously doing the thing anyway.

I mention Brené Brown and the comfort I get from her messiness and willingness to do it all anyway, despite it feeling like a shit show at times.

Ask yourself right now: what do I need?

It’s usually support or someone to say “you’re a fu***** bada** and I know what you’re made of” – we can’t stay stuck for long when someone believes in us.

Time stamps

0:01:02 Facing challenges and taking action

0:03:10 The solution to avoidance and inaction

0:04:50 Leaning in and opting out

0:08:11 Choosing ourselves and our values

0:10:10 Overcoming fears and regrets

0:13:02 The importance of a supportive community

0:15:07 The desire for financial freedom and impact

0:17:47 Changing our money mindset and beliefs

0:20:21 Neutralising money and its flow

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