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About Brooke

We entrepreneurs are ever evolving, right!?

The Infinity Loop of Self Actualisation is how we move out of pain and into purpose. As Pema Chödrön would say “Interrupting our destructive habits and awakening our heart is the work of a lifetime.”

I created The Infinity Loop of Self Destruction after experiencing it myself and secondly, seeing numerous clients suffer through this painful cycle. Avoidance is always at the helm.

The hands represent the support required to break the chains of self destruction. Loving support gets us unstuck and on track, again.

Meet Brooke Nolly

Founder, Course Creator & Global Citizen

Brooke is a trauma-informed relationship specialist, course creator, podcaster & catalyst specifically helping entrepreneurs heal addiction & childhood wounds so they can unlock a more purposeful-peaceful life. Brooke is obsessed with people slowing tf down so they can identify their needs, core values and non-negotiables. Brooke believes we tend to attract the type of connections we feel worthy of, not the connections we actually desire and deserve.

Brooke started her career at 23 in Silicon Valley at Pinterest, Dropbox and Revolut and realized pretty quickly that employed life was not the good life.

Brooke’s obsessed with: podcasting/speaking (Messy Action Podcast on Spotify) self-actualisation, the ocean, people leaving shit that no longer serves them, honesty, yoga, nature, adventure, travel, beautiful spaces, meditation and writing in random spots all over the globe.

Our dream life & relationships require two things we tend to avoid.

Slowing down and space.

We need to slow down and make space to know who we actually are, what we actually want and where we’d like to actually be.

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You've heard this before but I'm gonna say it again. The most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself.

You can’t have a relationship with yourself if you’re always running from your thoughts, feelings and unhealed trauma.

You can’t have a relationship with yourself if you’re always burying your head in the sand with work, drinking, over-exercising, drugs, partying, scrolling etc.

The deeper and more connected we are to our pain, pleasure, suffering and sovereignty – the richer our life gets. The more we numb out, the more confused and helpless we become.

We all want wild intimacy, deep safety, financial abundance and accomplishment yet many of us aren’t willing to go to “the places that scare us” as my fav author Pema Chödrön would say.

I’ve been told I am compassionate, loving, supportive and straight-up no BS! Honesty is my only policy.

You will be held in copious amounts of love whilst moving toward self actualisation. You have the innate power, I'm the guide.

My process is unique, intuitive and straight forward. It requires trust. The results speak for themselves.

We have to feel in order to heal. If we don’t, we keep attracting the same shit, over and over again, often in a different place with a different face.

I know you don’t want to keep re-creating the same unfulfilling relationship dynamics.

My work is best suited to entrepreneurs. You have the most impact on our world. You spearhead change. You’re the one with the brains, the brawn, the earning capacity, the influence and the ability to make sh** happen. Also you’re unconventional and wild, like me!

I'm known to be a catalyst. When people enter my world they heal the shit keeping them stuck, they make more money, they improve their relationships and most importantly, live the life they actually want.

To create true, positive and lasting impact on this planet, we must love ourselves and each other deeply.

In order to do that we must enlist help and seek support.

If we entrepreneurs can create magic from a place of depletion, emotional isolation and insecurity, imagine what can be created when we’re deeply loved, celebrated and intimately safe?

That’s my mission and I’m so grateful you’re here.

Are you ready to experience deeper intimacy, freedom and connection so you can be who you actually are and attract what you actually want? Your journey to self-actualisation begins here.

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Join my community & newsletter

I only send worthwhile, thought-provoking content, promise!