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30 Lessons I Learned Before 30

  1. No one knows better for you than you
  2. Drinking alcohol excessively will fuck up your life
  3. No one thinks about you more than you
  4. Take as many risks as humanly possible because the more you fuck up, the more you learn and do better
  5. Tell people you like them so you can get out of your own head, either way you’ll get an answer to move forward with
  6. Eat veggies first, protein second, carbs third
  7. Sugar will ruin your life if you let it 
  8. Exercise is a necessary foundation for a good life
  9. Motivation comes after action
  10. Action is always messy, do it anyway
  11. Sales is all about understanding people better than they understand themselves 
  12. People will hate you
  13. High school friendships are a waste of time
  14. Evolving fast is a sign you’re destined to do very impactful things 
  15. Moving through friendships quickly isn’t a bad thing, it’s a sign of growth
  16. Not feeling enough is not fuel for action, self love is
  17. Self love is the only thing you need to remember
  18. Unlearning is 99% of the game
  19. Say no, more
  20. Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired
  21. Time freedom is the goal, move towards it in every way imaginable
  22. People won’t understand you, do it anyway 
  23. Meditate before you medicate
  24. Depression is a sign you are doing too much shit you hate
  25. Anxiety is a sign you’ve given your power away to someone or something else
  26. Nature has all the answers
  27. Learn from people who are where you want to be but when learning from them, take what resonates, leave what doesn’t
  28. You are your own guru and your feelings are the only feedback loops you need
  29. Explore your own body and pleasure for yourself, with yourself, from yourself before you give yourself over to another
  30. Play, explore and let the synchronicities, signs and love from source/universe/God guide you home

If you’re still in your 20’s, take more risks. Quit your job. Let love in. Travel. Eat all the food. Exercise a lot. Cultivate a meditation practice. Say goodbye to friends that make you doubt yourself. Embrace your weirdness, it’s your super power. Stop people pleasing. Spend loads of time alone. Stop partying when you feel you’ve had enough. Alcohol sucks the life force out of us, get it out of your system, ASAP. Follow the omens. Read The Alchemist. Rediscover your creativity. Stop worrying about success, it’s an illusion. People will celebrate you if they celebrate themselves. People will be jealous of you if they loathe themselves. Do it all, do it well, do it with love and let it be real.

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