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13. $26,500 Debt, My Revolut Story, Decisions & Taking Action On What’s Inevitable

In this episode I speak on how I wracked up $26,500 in overdraft and credit card debt when I first started my business from not deciding soon enough on what I knew was inevitable, maybe you can relate…

I had so much fear about not knowing what was on the other side that instead of going all in, I self sabotaged and spent a lot of money I didn’t have to re-learn the same lessons. Those lessons being, the fear will always be there, we must take the leap.

I touch on my journey at Revolut and the toxicity of working in fintech, my spiritual awakening, a weird situationship I had with an older man and how important it is to stand the fuck up for ourselves.

I cover a lot more but you’ll have to listen to find out!

I was the queen of running away, til I ran straight into my own problems once more.


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