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22. Getting Your Energy & Life Force Back, Oh & Your Dream Body Too with Bex Lock

Bex is a personal trainer, nutrition expert & coach that helps women ditch the diets, balance their hormones, reclaim their energy, get strong & EAT MORE!

You wouldn’t believe how many women under eat, I was guilty for years and wondered why my mental health suffered.Bex was one of my first group program clients in 2018 & shares how that experience was a catalyst for the life she leads now!

In this episode we deep dive into nutrition, sleep, protein, processed foods, what to avoid, what Bex eats in a day, the marketing nonsense to look out for and so much more! You can find Bex over on Instagram @‌doitdaily.coaching


(01:25) The Start Of Bex’s Health & Self Discovery Journey

(03:40) The Impact of Nutrition and Mindset on Health

(05:26) The Journey to Better Health: Realizations and Changes

(07:48) Understanding Nutrition and Its Effects on Mental and Physical Health

(19:47) The Marketing Trap: Navigating Health Trends and Misinformation

(25:49) The Impact of Food Choices on Health

(27:47) Navigating Social Pressures and Personal Health Goals

(32:36) Breaking Down the Daily Diet

(37:20) Understanding the Menstrual Cycle and Its Effects on Diet

(40:53) Challenging the Hustle Culture and Embracing Holistic Health

(43:26) Debunking Health Myths and Embracing Authenticity

(48:15) Finding Balance: Yoga, Trauma, and Coming Home to Yourself

(49:14) How to Connect with Bex

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