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21. Here’s Why Your Prospects Aren’t Converting & It’s Simpler Than You Think with Kory Basaraba

In this episode, Kory & I dive deep into customer journeys, the very real present pain of your best prospects, why there’s a lot of average marketers out there and how it all boils down to one simple thing… hint hint, it has to do with understanding human emotion.

When people are looking to purchase something, they’re hoping your offering will create a state change.

We all know the pain point to paradise piece of marketing, Kory dives even deeper with us on how to really convert your ideal clients where 80% of your revenue is generated by 20% of your customers.

Kory & I met in an entrepreneur group Baby Bathwater, I found his group workshop so valuable I had to invite him onto the podcast.Kory speaks so clearly & concisely – to me, Kory makes marketing fun, it’s all about solving very real problems with impactful brands, services and businesses.

You can get in touch with Kory via his website ⁠⁠


(00:25) Introducing Kory: A Marketing Maestro’s Journey

(03:13) The Art of Emotional Connection in Marketing

(05:45) Crafting Your Core Conversion Story

(06:34) Translating Authenticity to Online Success

(13:26) The Power of Understanding Your Customer’s Journey

(15:20) The Human Element

(19:09) Building Cohesion in Your Marketing Strategy

(22:08) The Foundation of Success

(23:09) Leveraging Words, Video, and Imagery Online

(24:15) Unlocking the Power of Emotional Marketing

(25:31) Exceptional Copywriting

(26:09) Personality Types and Marketing Genius

(28:08) Building a Team That Resonates with Your Vision

(29:03) Clarity, Growth, and Authenticity

(32:54) Finding Your Ideal Customer

(39:04) Making Meaningful Impact

(42:31) Navigating Client Relationships and Staying True to Your Values

(46:18) Embracing Messy Action: The Path to Clarity and Confidence

(49:35) Connecting with Kory

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