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19. Wim, Work, Water & Ice with Laura Warren of Live Wild

Laura Warren is a nature buff, kind human & devoted soul. Laura’s business, Live Wild, helps folks move outside of their comfort zones, move into their bodies & experience the felt sense of the world internally & externally through cold exposure & intrepid adventure. Laura is a qualified nutritionist & applies a holistic approach to her clients wellbeing.

Laura didn’t choose the ice life, the ice life chose her. Throughout this episode it’s evident Laura followed the omens, signs & invitations that life was presenting her to build, create and sustain the successful business she now operates nationally and internationally.

At Messy Action we’re all about the alchemist path, following one omen at a time that eventually leads to an outcome you couldn’t have imagined or predicted. Laura is living proof of that.

Laura and I chat about God, synchronicities, mental health, suicide, the cold, Wim Hof and what it feels like to lead a heart & soul led business.

Enjoy & let us know what you think.

Time stamps:

(01:33) Laura’s Journey on Authenticity, Adventure, and Growth in Entrepreneurship

(13:07) Health and Happiness Through Simple Habits

(20:51) The Power of Transformative Health Programs

(28:54) The Taranaki Retreat Experience

(32:18) Breathwork, Personal Transformation, and Wim

(41:06) Building Competency and Completing Tasks

(49:21) Laura’s Offerings and Connecting With Her

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