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18. Coaches: Client Boundaries & What To Do When We Breach Our Own Boundaries

In this episode I speak about what it means to have client boundaries, what it means to implement those boundaries over and over again and what it feels like when we breach our own boundaries. We are a constant work in progress and it would be foolish to believe we’re complete experts at boundary setting when it comes to matters of the heart, dealing with abandonment wounds, childhood trauma and codependence, many of the avenues we navigate in a coaching business and client dynamic. In 2018 and 2019 I refer to myself as a flattened cardboard box, not having many boundaries and being overly accessible to everyone.

If you’re a coach this episode will be beneficial in helping you honour and come back to the initial terms you set within a container or with a specific person. If you haven’t created client boundaries, now is the time to honour yourself and start. Repeat after me: “it is safe to be discerning and set boundaries”, a statement I wish I had adhered to sooner.

Access to you is something you get to choose.


(0:01:28) Why it’s important to have the right coaches and/or therapists to support and help you process

(0:02:11) The Messy Action Members Club and setting boundaries

(0:04:20) Consistency when reinforcing boundaries

(0:05:59) Taking on unaligned clients in the early stages of coaching

(0:07:08) Discernment and trusting your gut instincts when choosing clients

(0:09:42) Putting yourself first

(0:11:22) Self care and clear boundaries

(0:13:03) Fostering creativity through alone time

(0:14:48) The beauty of nature and gratitude

(0:15:29) Effective ways you can set boundaries with your clients

(0:17:58) How fear of rejection affects client boundaries

(0:18:37) Setting boundaries with love and clarity

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