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15. How I Rage & Use A Somatic Process To Regulate My Nervous System In Times Of Frustration

In this episode I have lost my voice. I raged a little too hard and it was because a few things got me wound up and I needed to let rip. For too long we have kept our true feelings and emotions bottled up inside of us and it leads to irrational behaviour, resentment and regret.

If we can allow ourselves to feel, heal, regulate and move through whatever is present, life is so much simpler, lighter and more manageable.

Here is the playlist I talked of in the episode.

If you’re feeling brave and ready to take on what has been keeping you feeling out of control, go and let rip on those pillows.

As Ria said in our most recent 5-Day Business Challenge: “I did a lot of cushion crushing”

Reach out if there’s anything you’d like to share about this experience 💜


(0:01:01) Importance of giving space to emotions and experiencing anger

(0:03:15) Personal experience with anger and reclaiming power

(0:04:45) Instructions for somatic rage release exercise

(0:07:57) Different emotions that may be experienced during release

(0:09:57) Letting go of shame and embracing the full range of emotions

(0:12:16) Instructions for setting up a somatic release session

(0:13:29) Create space for emotions and lean into the places that scare you

(0:14:02) Welcome the unwelcome and release emotional rage

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