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14. Cringey Marketing, Boss Babe Culture & Why I Am Pro Lifestyle Alignment w Slow Living Principals

In this episode I speak about why I am anti ‘boss babe’ culture and I am pro lifestyle alignment and living true to your values.

It is an absolute marketing frenzy out there, especially if you are in the coaching and personal development industry. People have a course for just about everything these days, so the question is how do we differentiate the good from the bs?

Post pandemic we’re not available to be marketed to in unethical ways, we’re not as interested in ‘get like me’ culture and we’ve moved into a healthy feminine energy of authenticity, rest, receptivity and flow. Hustle culture is pretty unappealing to the kinds of people I attract into my world.

They’re here for connection, creativity, collaboration and building ethical, sustainable businesses rooted in the principals and values they hold true.

Many influencers I follow have built their businesses off the back of a MLM career and it shows. What do you think?

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