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Do you desire an aligned & profitable coaching business that serves your need for freedom, space and authentic connection? 

True freedom is what we seek, what we seek is only possible if we allow ourselves to be supported & let go of the places, spaces, habits and humans that keep us stuck.

Self-Love &

We’re here for the unconventional folks. The creatives, the founders & the ones that don’t do rules. We’re here for the multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

  • We help you better understand your inner world.
  • What you’re actually looking for (needs/ wants/ values)
  • What’s keeping you stuck (patterns, habits, conditioning)
  • How you actually want to feel (aligned/joyful/alive)

So you can stop settling for incongruent patterns and pain.

Together we'll unpack...

What needs to go

Our method is designed to show you exactly what needs to go so you can make space for what you're really meant for, your zone of genius.
Our motto is: "the clearing is in the clearing."

Why you're feeling stuck

We're often magnets for relationship patterns that mimic outdated child-parent attachment wounds. Once we uncover, understand and unblock these unconscious patterns, we're able to move from chaos and dissonance to greater intimacy and connection.

How to communicate and connect

We often shut down when we 'get familiar' with how people may respond or react. In order to feel truly safe and connected to people we must learn how to communicate with deeper intimacy, authenticity and honesty.

How to love

People scoff at the notion of 'self love', yet self love is the only key to living, leading and loving from your soul.

We must give from the overflow, this is the catalyst for lasting conscious connection.

Work with Brooke

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching is for coaches & entrepreneurs that desire simplicity, accountability and a supportive approach.


R&R Recalibration Retreats are a great way for like-minded entrepreneurial folks to unwind, connect and collaborate, together. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road until you ‘find your people’. These serene and sober retreats are intentionally curated so folks can share their unique zone of genius amongst peers & soon to be friends. We’re all experts.

YouTube Channel


Messy Action

Business can feel lonely until you find your people. Meaningfully and intentionally creating a conscious life and business can be challenging when we don’t feel supported. We’re all about support, courage and messy action so self loathing and poor habits are a thing of the past. 

Brooke's method has been used to help countless creatives, coaches & entrepreneurs on their journey toward greater business alignment, life satisfaction and connection. Brooke calls many entrepreneurs "entraumaneurs" because they haven't created the time to get the basics right, those being:

How do I want to feel?

What do I value?

What do I no longer want?

Where am I going?

Are you ready to experience peace, trust & ease?

Your journey to self-actualisation, alignment & contentment begins here.

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