Discover what has been holding you back

Hi, I’m Brooke!

I’m a life and business coach.

Many of my clients and followers refer to me as ‘straight-up’ and ‘authentic’

Some of my top values as a coach are honesty & integrity, direct communication, vulnerability & compassion. I think it’s important to understand, from the get-go, what is holding you back so you can follow my proven methods to change it.


Welcome to the next step of your journey. I’m so grateful you’re here.

As a life and business coach, my greatest passion is helping people get clear, connected, and laser-focused so they feel less anxious and overwhelmed by life.

The path to healing and self-discovery is windy and it can often feel impossible to take space when we can barely manage what we’re doing now.

But creating space for clarity to emerge is the key!

Have you ever thought maybe one of your biggest blocks to connection is your fear of vulnerability or that nagging need to be ‘perfect’?


You’re probably suffering from anxiety and overwhelm. That voice in your head loves to keep you stuck.

You have probably tried your hand at many things and you’re pretty good at most of ‘em.

But… something always feels like it’s missing.

Feeling like you could do with some support for this next chapter?

An Online Self Discovery Course with Brooke Nolly

Meet Brooke



1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching with me is a very intimate process. As I mentioned in my values, there needs to be trust between us and you’ve gotta feel comfortable enough with me to be your most authentic self!

Longevity is key for sustainable and lasting change therefore I don’t provide one-off sessions..

Timeframe: 12 week minimum


Group Coaching

For those who are truly feeling alone on their inward journey. You’ve probably read all the books, you’ve had counseling or therapy but you’re still questioning everything.

Weekly Zoom sessions between 60 min and 120 min long with a safe, sacred, and intimate container of like-minded women.

Timeframe: 12 weeks

Due to the intimate coaching relationship, I connect with all potential clients first to see if we’re a fit.
We will discuss price and payment plan options on the call.

Lovely words from lovely clients…

I was straight away intrigued by Brooke’s confidence and energy. Brooke has an open and horizontal understanding of spirituality and wellness which helped us form a grounded dialogue.

Her vast knowledge in technology and innovation was highly valuable.

— Amy

The understanding and clarity I achieved about myself over the six-week course was unbelievable and so far above my expectations. Within the first conversation with Brooke, it was clear to me that she knows her shit and it gave me enough confidence to invest in her six-week course.

— Blake

Coaching with Brooke has been so amazing for my personal development, she has helped my confidence to pursue my own business.

— Michelle

Did you know?

85% of people are unhappy at work.
Change starts, here.

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