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A safe and nourishing space to explore who you actually are and what you actually want.

True freedom is what we seek, what we seek is only possible if we're willing to let go of the places, spaces, habits and humans that keep us stuck.

Self-Love &

We’re here for the unconventional folks. The ones that don’t do rules/couldn’t hack employment. We’re here for the multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

  • We help you better understand your inner world.
  • What you’re actually looking for (needs/ wants/ values)
  • What’s keeping you stuck (patterns, habits, conditioning)
  • How you actually want to feel (aligned/joyful/alive)

So you can stop settling for incongruent patterns, partners and pain.

Together we'll unpack...

What's your ideal relationship?

Our method is designed to show you exactly what kind of person you're looking for, where to find them and what characteristics they possess. We believe compatibility + consciousness + chemistry = connection.

Why you're feeling stuck

We're often magnets for relationships that mimic outdated child-parent attachment wounds. Once we uncover, understand and unblock these unconscious patterns, we're able to move from chaos and dissonance to greater intimacy and connection.

How to communicate and connect

We often shut down when we 'get familiar' with how people may respond or react. In order to feel truly safe and connected to someone we must learn how to communicate with deeper intimacy, authenticity and honesty.

How to love

People scoff at the notion of 'self love', yet self love is the only key to compatibility, chemistry and lasting conscious connection.

Work with Brooke

1:1 Coaching

1:1 relationship coaching is for high-performing, multi-passionate, 7+ figure entrepreneurs that desire support and a more personalised approach.

Group Coaching

Brooke’s 16 week group coaching programs Purposefully Connected and Purposefully Powerful are for soul driven, freedom oriented coaches that want to better understand who they serve, refine their niche and make $10-20k + months consistently in their online coaching business.

Purposefully Clear

Purposefully Clear is the only self discovery course you’ll ever need to better understand why you are, the way you are and why you do, what you do. Our parents play the most influential-unconscious role in how we live and love. Purposefully Clear brings your outdated patterns to the surface so you can change them.


R&R Recalibration Retreats are a great way for like-minded entrepreneurs to unwind and connect. These retreats are designed for self inquiry, space and serenity. We specialise in helping those experiencing burn out cycles and deep grief. 

Workshops & Digital Products

Pre-recorded workshops & challenges that will show you exactly how to step into your innate power so you can trust yourself to make & multiply money whilst creating a life by design, rather than default.


Peace Love Trust is a podcast about healing and transformation. We interview conscious entrepreneurs that have experienced great transformation in the face of adversity and now want to solve problems and give back in a big way. We jam on all things relationships, business, life, intimacy, connection, innovation and being a human in the 21st Century. 

Brooke's method has been used to help countless entrepreneurs on their journey toward greater intimacy, compatibility and connection. In the United States alone, about 50% of married couples, divorce. Brooke believe's it's because they haven't taken the time to get the basics right, the basics being:

What do I actually value?

What do I actually want?

Where am I actually going?

Who is the most compatible archetype for me?

Are you ready to experience deeper intimacy, freedom and connection so you can be who you actually are and attract what you actually want? Your journey to self-actualisation begins here.

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